Upper Loddon State Forest

December 01 Update

Walk 12 is open.

The what3words system is used to identify track points on the following. More information can be found at what3words.com/about

An alternative route near the north-western part of this walk might be of interest if you want to walk more along Tarilta Creek and less on 4WD tracks.
Leave the primary route at w3w address ///collapsed.unfold.bartender which is on Limestone Track and on the east side of Tarilta Creek. Walk northwards along the east side of the creek, first of all on a vehicle track. After it peters out at an informal camp site , continue on eventually reaching a private property bounday which is defined only by a dilapidated fence. w3w address at this point is ///deranged.skippers.dismissed . You have now walked about 800 metres from where you left Limestone Track.
Turn right (eastwards) up hill on a faint track with the old fence remains on your left to Lancaster Track. You are now back on the primary route, w3w ///escapes.imbued.rowdy . Turn left.

Alternative Route in RED

A second alternative is later in the walk and diverts along Sebastopol Gully.

It is roughly half a kilometre shorter, but involves climbing over fallen logs, pushing through light undergrowth and requires a degree of navigational skill as the track disappears in places. But if you are feeling adventurous it might just be of interest.

Leave Wewak Track at w3w address ///cucumbers.publication.bubblegum This is some 700 metres from Porcupine Ridge Rd. Turn south and seek a fairly overgrown bush track which continually appears and disappears as you walk the 1.3km south-westerly along the Sebastopol Creek gully. It is not easy going at times but is almost dead flat. As you progress try to stay on the lowest point of the gully. You will reach Porcupine Ridge Rd at w3w address ///slipping.noisy.stagehand . From here walk 1.2km southerly along the road to the start and end point of the walk.

Alt Route – Thick Red Line

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