Daylesford circuit walk

The walk takes in two lakes and is about 9km long. While the bush is mostly scrappy and weed-infested, the walking is easy and there’s enough variety to keep you interested. 

Start at the skate park [1] and follow the blue-topped GDTA posts for the Lerderderg Track as far as Jubilee Lake. Down steep hill to narrow foot bridge across creek [2]. Cross road at Italian Hill sign [3] to road between houses and into old railway cutting. Over wooden rail bridge [4] to go clockwise around Jubilee Lake, visiting the mineral springs and its working pump. Back at the rail bridge, take path [5] N below old railway line.

Sharp left at Lake Rd, over bridge and W into bush [6] in narrow space between creek and house. Straight uphill [7] past white-trunked manna gums, keeping to the left fork. At busy Ballan-Daylesford Rd [8], turn right along the bitumen, then left along the edge of Victoria Park. At Old Ballarat Rd, wiggle across into Chatfield Ave [9] and walk its length down onto the grass by Lake Daylesford. Clockwise around the Peace Mile [10] following the Goldfield Track’s gold-topped posts.

The GT posts will lead you away from the lake uphill to the Bridport St lookout. The skate park is a couple of blocks away.

Daylesford to Hepburn village circuit

This mainly off-road circuit links Daylesford, Hepburn village and the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve. An optional leg takes you past Hepburn Reservoir.

The circuit is mainly on undulating wide tracks although some road is used through Hepburn village. For riders of the Goldfields Track, the east or west route is an alternative to the shared path along the main road between Daylesford and Hepburn village.

The green dashed circuit is rated IMBA Green Circle which requires basic mountain biking off-road skills. The Blue alternative section is rated IMBA Blue Square which requires greater mountain biking skills.

What you can expect to see