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Not all, but a number of the 20 walk and 10 bike ride circuits detailed in the Central Victorian Highlands Walk and Ride Circuits guide were affected by the extreme south-easterlies smashing the forest cover on top of the Divide on 10 June. Gradually, more and more of these walks and rides are being declared open again after the clearing of fallen timber and subsequent safety assessment. Status details of each track can be found by clicking on the links below.

Those circuits that we find blocked by tree falls or damaged in some other way will be listed in the side bar.

To check the current condition of a circuit, click the corresponding circuit number in the side bar.

Until recently, many circuits within the Wombat State Forest and Lerderderg State Park were off limits, but most have now been reopened.

And you could help us fill any gaps as to a circuit’s status. If you embark on one of the circuits presented in the CVH Walks & Rides Guide Review, we would love to hear of any track damage or barriers you encounter, along with supporting photos.

For both walk and ride circuits, send an email to: 

Or you could use the above email address to enlighten the GDTA’s circuits team about any other difficulties found in following either the track notes or making sense of a map. We will add your comments to the walk or bike circuits on the following list. They will also help us improve the 2nd edition of the circuits guide.

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The new Central Victorian Highlands Walk and Ride Circuits guide is supported by full colour, large scale contour maps alongside detailed accompanying track notes, similar in style to our award-winning Goldfields Track guide. Featuring 20 walks and 10 bike rides within the Daylesford region, they explore new territory beyond the confines of the Goldfields and Lerderderg tracks. Each is short enough that you won’t need all day to complete a circuit.

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