This connects two trails – the Goldfields Track and the Bendigo Bushland trail. It is long enough to be a bike ride as well as a walk. You can find the Goldfields Track section on Maps 33 and 34 for the Leanganook Track in the Goldfields Track Walk or Ride Guide.

Bendigo Circuit Walk/Ride

Start by heading anti-clockwise from the car park of the Bendigo Railway station [1]. Follow the blue street signs for the  Goldfields Track SW down Gladstone St.  From Boyd St, head south into the Salomon Gully flora reserve following gold-topped posts. The single track is tricky in places as you trend downhill to meet busy Bellevue Rd.

Up the  bitumen and turn left into dirt Walter Rd [2]. Follow the gold-topped posts of the sandy shared use track  through wildflowers to the picnic table at Diamond Hill [3].

Here, you leave the Goldfields Track and take to the signposts of the Bendigo Bushland trail. The first ones are fading and hard to pick out. Head due east with the Spring Gully Reservoir’s high fence to your right.  On reaching the ‘burbs, leave trail and follow Kendall St [4] to the the Spring Gully Recreation Reserve [5], now a hub for mountain bike riders.

The trail is well-signposted as it wends north along Spring Creek for over 3km. Cross creek  [6] and left into Harcourt St around the edge of the Ewing Park oval. Take the streets as marked on the map for the final 1km stretch back to the station.

Bendigo off-road bike circuit

This circuit is mainly bush environment and urban/ suburban corridors park corridors.

It is mainly off-road and shared trail taking in some Goldfields Track, O’Keefe Rail Trail and two stream side shared trails. A very few hill sections of the bush trails are best walked if you do not have basic mountain bike riding skills. Refreshments are to be had at Lake Weeroona to the NE and Spring Gully General Store in the S. Both are within 100m of the route.

Shortcuts are available via marked main roads into the CBD, some of which have bike lanes.

What you can expect to see