Wombat State Forest

Rideable with re-route.

Due to the June 2021 storm, 2 of 3 single track sections are closed or impassable. The other single track and 2 track sections have obstructions but can be navigated. Here is the detail…  

NOTEs: [12.3] in text below indicates a km label on the map. Any unbracketed km is actual distance. SA = straight ahead, L – left, R – right, N – north etc

  1. If you don’t want to lift your bike across 5 trees S from [3.7], then SA at 3.3km to rejoin the circuit at Feature 3.
  2. 330m S of Feature 3, ignore the signed single track to the L, continue on track, veer L at next junction (mis-named Post Office Trk). Staying L, continue S to the real Post Office Trk which has a blue top post pointing down the single track you just avoided. You are now back on circuit heading S.
  3. Just S of Feature 4, be aware that a new E-W section of track has been added during storm clearance.
  4. Feeling tired or running short of time? Recently DELWP cleared and greatly improved Burnt Stable Track N from Feature 4. You can ride this north to rejoin the circuit at Cockatoo Creek Track.
  5. The section N from [11.3] back to the road has 3 fallen trees to bypass. This cool green section of track makes it worthwhile imo.
  6. From the dam at [13.0], as the coming single track is closed, regain the road and double back to Cockatoo Creek Track and head W en route again.
  7. At [16.4] you can follow the route if you don’t mind circumventing 7 obstructions and the refreshing mineral spring. Else continue on Cockatoo Creek Track to Specimen Hill Rd, turn R onto Lake Rd to regain Jubilee Lake.

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