This follows two creeks and is long enough to be a bike ride as well as a walk. It links a shared use and a bike track that you can find on Maps 03 and 04 for the Eureka Track in the Goldfields Track Walk or Ride Guide.

Ballarat Circuit Walk/Ride

Start by heading clockwise from the beginning of the Goldfields Track-signed Canadian Creek trail [1-3].  From the trail’s end at Olympic Ave [4], turn west to the busy Geelong Rd, cross and head north to the Mt Clear shopping centre. Sharp left down Whitehorse Rd [5] – there’s a footpath on the south side.

Take footbridge[6] over the road to the sandy Yarrowee River trail, coursing through wetlands on a flat track. Due east over a green arch bridge at Orion St, rejoining trail next to Yarrowee River that’s become a channel. Pass the imposing old Ballarat Woolen Mill [8]. Cross from west to the east side of the Yarrowee channel via an old white fretwork bridge. At Grant St, it’s directly over the road into Anderson St. Execute a right angle due east [9], then across the channel at Humffray St Sth and the circuit’s end should be in sight.

Ballarat off-road Bike Circuit

This mainly off-road circuit is almost totally in a bush and park environment

It has a short section of tarmac at beginning and end and the remainder is either shared use or dirt road. It takes in the Goldfields Track and a series of tracks leading to Gong Gong Reservoir Park and Kirks Reservoir Park. Refreshments off trail near Brown Hill Reserve.

The Green dashed circuit requires basic mountain biking off-road skills. These hills can be avoided by keeping to the southern part of the trail.

What you can expect to see