Circuit Walks/Rides

Circuit walks and rides around five regional towns along the Goldfields Track are presented here – for Ballarat, Creswick, Daylesford, Castlemaine and Bendigo. There are also two ‘off-site’ circuit tracks – around Federation University and Ararat.

Although not specifically posted, the maps come with track notes that ought to be detailed enough so you don’t get lost. Where the walk circuits follow the Goldfields Track, the feature points that tie in with the track notes are highlighted in yellow.

Circuits have been designed for both walkers and bike riders. Cartography for the Goldfields Track walk circuits is by Laurie Anticaglia. Ken Dowling has selected routes and devised the cartography for all of the bike circuits. A list of the circuit maps and those who selected the routes follows:–

Goldfields Track circuits

> Ararat walk/ride circuit – Bill Casey

> Ballarat walk/ride circuits – Gib Wettenhall and Ken Dowling

> Bendigo walk/ride circuits – Gib Wettenhall and Ken Dowling

> Castlemaine walk/ride circuits – Barb Guerin, Lionel Jenkins and Ken Dowling

> Creswick walk/ride circuits – Gib Wettenhall and Ken Dowling

> Daylesford walk/ride circuits – Ed Butler and Ken Dowling

> Federation University walk circuit – Bill Casey