Goldfields Track – Severe Phytophthora Infestation

A growing area of the southern part of Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park and Upper Loddon State Forest in the vicinity of Porcupine Ridge Road is subject to the spread of phytophthora (formerly known as cinnamon fungus) .
Its results can be recognised by dead native shrubs on both sides of Porcupine Ridge Road near where it is crossed by the Goldfields Track (GT). Map
To restrict spreading by motor vehicles the nearby Loop Track is now closed to motor vehicles for its entire length from Wewak Track to Porcupine Ridge Road.

Phytophthora is Victoria’s most significant plant pathogen, affecting both native ecosystems and the horticultural industry. When people are walking, bike riding or driving through bushland they can spread the disease through their boots, tyres or other equipment, especially on damp or wet ground.

Parks Victoria is asking GT users to stay strictly on the track to limit the spread of the disease, particularly in this area. .

For more information about phytophthora and how to limit its spread, visit Parks Victoria Weeds and Diseases page and scroll down to ‘Diseases’.