GDTA August Circuit Walk

Wombat State Forest – Mount Grey – Struck Oil Adit – Red White & Blue Mine Site

North-west of Mt Blackwood

Sunday August 25 – 11km approx – Rating: Medium-Hard

Leader: Bill Casey

Please note that this is NOT a typical GDTA walk. Significant parts are “cross-country” in that they are not on 4WD or walking tracks. This involves pushing through scrub, crossing rocky and possibly wet gullies, walking along those gullies, climbing over or under fallen timber, and climbing steep rocky hills – you must be prepared to handle these conditions.

Mount Grey is a not very significant peak which is reached early in the walk. Later, after a lot of effort, we visit the site of the Struck Oil mine which was operational about 40 years ago. The Red White and Blue mine appears to be earler than that.

Good walking boots and appropriate clothing are essential, and if you use walking poles, bring them along. Of course, sufficient water and food for a full day’s outing is necessary, as is a personal first-aid kit.

The images below which were taken on earlier Mount Grey walks show the type of terrain we will encounter.

Register via email to

or call 0407 347 319 by August 21.