March Committee Meeting

March Committee Meeting


March 20, 2024    
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Event Type

DATE: Wednesday March 20


DURATION: 2 hours

LEADER: President Tim




November Minutes

GDTA Committee Meeting
Wednesday 15 November, 2023, 2:30 pm

Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre, Camp Street, Daylesford

Acknowledgement of Country Tim
Attendance: Gib Wettenhall, Tim Bach(chair), Lulu Cockram, Mike Gustus(minutes), Ed Butler, Bill
Casey, Arie Baelde
Apologies: Barry Golding, Ben Lohse, John Stockfeld
Minutes of previous meeting (September 20, 2023) Previously circulated. Approved: Ed / Mike
Treasurer’s Report
Tabled by Oli and presented by Tim. Moved Oli /Tim
Access has been gained to the locked PayPal account and the funds transferred to the new one.
GST has been deregistered.
Gib to give Tim access to load up our last three Annual Information Statements to the ACNC.
Merchandise (Lulu)
Sales (See Financial statements)
Purchased PostPaks for most mailouts.
Gib will contact IT support (Mark) to remove GST references from our website.
Stock inventory is getting low on Guide books. Gib will consider the options for doing a reprint of the
GT Guide. Bill to try and get an ETA for the Woowookarung alignment.
Digital resources
Data storage. The Dropbox account is owned by Bill. Ed will investigate storage that can be corporate
Website management and maintenance. Bill/Mike will pass on the SiteGround security reports to
Gib to check out with Mark. Gib will arrange a meeting with Mark in mid-February to discuss
redevelopment of the website to better suit our needs.
Track Maintenance and Development
Lerderderg Track Interpretive Signage Project (Gib) Launch will be in February at Blackwood.
Maintenance issues (Bill, Ed) Bill is planning a working bee in the Creswick RP in December to fix
missing and unsound posts. Bill will fix missing arrows at post in Ararat. Ed will check out bridge in
Sebastopol. Tim will check out GoGo Rd in Daylesford.

Goldfields Track Inc.
Goldfields Interpretive signage project (Ed) VN’s slowly being rolled out. Signage continues to be a
problem with changes and permission burning up the money.
Continuing involvement with GTI (Tim, Gib, Ed) Not discussed.
Walks & Rides Program
Brief reports Not discussed.
 September 24 Tarilta Creek (Ed)
 September 29-30 Six Peaks walks and presentation (Barry)
 October 29 Byers Miners Tunnel (Gib)
 November 19 Lyonville Springs Ride (Arie)
 November 26 Mr Hunts Chimney (Ed)
2024 Walks and Rides Calendar. The meeting came up with Interpretive Signage as the theme for the
year. Tim will circulate the ideas that were put forward and get everyone to contribute.
Correspondence (Mike) Report tabled
Membership Three new members confirmed. (Mike /Lulu)
Facebook, website and communications (Gib) Website review in February.
Any Other Business None.
Next Meeting
Committee meeting Wednesday March 20, 2:00 pm, DNC