Goldfields Track – Twin Bridges to Golden Spring

Following severe storm damage earlier this year, the Goldfields Track (GT) from Twin Bridges to Golden Spring in Hepburn Regional Park was closed for walker safety. This section of track is still closed although various visitor sites along its route are open and accessible by road.

Parks Victoria is working towards re-opening this section of the GT as soon as possible. In the meantime an alternative route for walkers is shown on this map.

Walk Alternative Description
If walking from south of Daylesford towards Castlemaine, you will need to leave the direct route by turning right after crossing the Wombat Creek bridge (point A on map).
Follow this section of the Goldfields Track to the south end of the Lake Daylesford dam wall.
Cross the wall and proceed clockwise around the lake following GT posts.
Near the north-east corner of the lake, follow the GT uphill to the Bridport Lookout.
Turn right onto Bridport Street, then left onto Vincent Street.
Proceed uphill to the Daylesford Post Office.
Turn right along Central Springs Road for 2 blocks, then left into Camp Street.
At the 5-way intersection about 450 metres on, go straight ahead onto Jamieson Street and follow it for 1km to Kidds Gully
Proceed eastwards and then northwards (now on 4WD track) passing Hepburn Reservoir on the right.
About 200 metres further on turn sharply right uphill to the top of the ridge.
Follow the track north-westerly more or less on the ridge top to Hepburn Springs Reserve.
Go eastwards across the reserve to the trailhead of the GT Hepburn Springs link.
Follow the GT posts for 1.6km to rejoin the GT proper at Womans Gully.

A GPX file of the alternative route is available here.