We have been working for several years with Parks Victoria and Friends of Canadian Corridor to realign the Eureka Track section of the Goldfields Track between Mt Buninyong and Ballarat. Our plan has been to move the Track away from a mostly suburban landscape to a more native bush landscape further to the east.

The current route from Mt Buninyong to Ballarat is along Geelong Rd from Buninyong past Mount Helen to Mount Clear and then along the Yarrowee River into Ballarat.

The proposed route is through Union Jack Reserve, Mount Helen Campus of Federation University and Woowookarung RP to Eureka Stockade Gardens.

After several drafts and many walk throughs, we have agreed with Parks Victoria on a route through Woowookarung Regional Park.

The alignment through Woowookarung takes in The Lookout with wonderful views to the north and west over Ballarat. It also includes part of the Tree Fern Walk and the possibility of a short detour through the Sensory Walk.

Alex Schipperen and his team at Parks have been doing great work in Woowookarung RP to limit vehicle traffic and to close and rehabilitate many of the informal MTB tracks.

We have already signposted Union Jack and Fed Uni. Alex is planning the works required through Woowookarungn and we will be working with Ballarat City Council to “connect the dots”.

The walk through Woowookarung is very pleasant and relatively easy although it’s not yet signposted. Download our map of the alignment and enjoy a pleasant half-day walk through the park along the new route.

Huge thanks to Bill Casey for his work on this project over several years and to Alex Schipperen for his thoughtful and knowledgeable suggestions.