Franklinford Aboriginal Protectorate: GDTA Member & Public Walks

Saturday 12 Nov & Sunday 13 Nov 2022

GDTA Members, Sat 12 Nov, 11km: Walk Registration

PUBLIC Walk: Sun 13 Nov, 6km: Walk Registration

Both are loop walks:

Both walks include the Franklinford Streamside Reserve on Larnibarramul Yaluk, Franklin Ford, the Protectorate era Franklinford Cemetery, Thomas’ Spring, monument to Edward Parker on the main town intersection, views over Larnibarramul Lagoon and towards Mount Franklin, and the original main Protectorate site, later the site of the Aboriginal School. The Sunday route is mapped as ‘Walk 11’ in the GDTA ‘Walk & Ride Circuits’ guide (page 35).

The shorter (6.2km) walk on Sunday is for the general public.

The longer (11km) GDTA Member’s walk on Saturday includes an extra five kilometer loop, including walking (with generous, one off permission) along the creek across Eric and Joy Sartori’s private property, ‘Truro’, past an historic weir west of the Franklinford Cemetery.

Essential Registration Information

Extra interpretive information for walkers & and historical evidence base: see Barry Golding’s ‘Loddon Aboriginal Protectorate Legacy’ notes: