Woowookarung RP Track Completed

The Friends of Canadian Corridor (FoCC) have now seen the completion of their Pick My Project 1.8km track in the central section of Woowookarung Regional Park.
This track is proposed to eventually form part of the future Goldfields Track through the Regional Park. The new track extends from Katy Ryans Road northwards to The Lookout, and construction is of a high standard with a compacted fine crushed rock surface all the way. It is designed for use by both walkers and riders.
In association with the project, several roads and tracks have been closed to motor vehicles, making for a more enjoyable experience for track users, but of course the noisy dirt bikes are still there.
FoCC has been in constant communication with GTI/GDTA so as to be aware of their requirements for the new track’s future inclusion in the Goldfields Track.
Well done, FoCC!

On the map below, the RED line shows the new track, and green and purple lines show GT future shared and bike routes respectively.

Southern Entrance at Katy Ryans Road
South of The Lookout