Lerderderg Track – New Route – 28 March 2020

A new 3.6km walk route has been opened between Byres Back Track and O’Briens Road on the Lerderderg Track south-east of Daylesford. It follows existing tracks which are closed to 4WDs, and now forms part of the official Lerderderg Track walk route, replacing a much longer 6.7km section which included a steep climb up Amblers Lane and a long, uninteresting slog along O’Briens Road. Part of that original route will be tagged as an alternative to include a visit to the Lerderderg River mining tunnel.
The map shows the new route in Green with the old discontinued section in Red. The Blue line is the way suggested if you wish to visit the gold-mining river diversion tunnel. To avoid retracing your steps along Byres Back Track, you can take the interesting Gribble Track to O’Briens Road.
Map of the changes