Severe Storm Damage to Goldfields Track

The severe storm last week has caused considerable damage in the form of fallen tree trunks and large branches across the Goldfields Track. Parts already identified are on the Dry Diggings Track either side of Porcupine Ridge Road in Castlemaine Diggings National Park and Upper Loddon State Forest, and on the Wallaby and Eureka Tracks between Humbug Hill and Niggl Bridge in Creswick Regional Park and Creswick State Forest.
Walkers and riders need to take care when negotiating the obstructions.
In the next few days GDTA volunteers are undertaking patrols to locate further problem areas.
Land managers are being advised and are being requested to take action to clear the tracks. As the fire danger season is upon us, Parks Victoria and DELWP are busy with fire related work and might take a little while to attend to the track work.
For your own safety, please obey any signage and directions of work crews working on the track.


Further track-blocking tree falls have now been reported on the Eureka Track between Chapel Flat and Slaty Creek Camping Ground No 3.

Reports of track problems from track users are always welcome as they assist us to maintain the track in good condition. Please email to report any issues you find. Provide MGA or geographic coordinates if possible – otherwise describe the location in relation to nearby roads or tracks.