November Walk Recap

Select group of only five of us went down Kangaroo Track to the water race along Byres Back Track. We maintained a leisurely pace, taking our time to check out the swathes of wildflowers. Maybe we should stick to Sundays for our walks!

Bill and Sue checked an alternative route back from the Miners Tunnel via Gribbles Track. Ascends a beautiful, gated spur similar to Kangaroo Track. The former provides a pleasant and tranquil option for avoiding the dust and traffic along O’Briens Rd – to be investigated as part of stage 2 reposting of the Lerderderg Track.  

Gib Wettenhall

Leopard Orchid
Leader Gib at Byres Back Track/Kangaroo Track Junction
Andrew and Gib resting on Amblers Lane
Showy Podolepis
Sue and Bill with Geocache
Creeper on Kangaroo Track
The Walk Group minus leader Gib
Andrew, Clarice, Bill, Sue