Wombat Forest Walk/Ride


Wombat Station – Lake Daylesford

The walk leaves from a GDTA-built rotunda on the grassy platform of a long-gone railway station, passing through an imposing 1km long railway cutting, before heading over the Great Divide through forest that continues all the way to walk’s end at Lake Daylesford.

You head through the White Point Diggings with its extensive erosion gullies that are the consequence of high pressure hydraulic sluicing for gold.

Walkers can make a side trip to Sailors Falls and mineral springs, framed by an imposing columnar basalt escarpment. From here the walkers-only track takes an almost vertical fall down a narrow ridge to a swamp and footbridges, then climbs relentlessly to Daylesford. There’s another possible side-trip to the Lost Children’s Walk.

Bikers turn west at Telegraph Rd and take Old Tom Trk.

From Goo Goo Rd, you head east to Lake Daylesford and the comforts of town. The bike track heads down the main street. Alternatively, walkers have the choice of going straight ahead down steps to cross Wombat Crk and link up with the Dry Diggings Track.


For supplies, you have to wait until Daylesford. Toilets at Lake Daylesford. Mineral water at Sailors Falls.

Refer maps 14 - 16a of the Goldfields Track Walk or Ride Guide

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