O’Briens Rd – Mt Blackwood (HARD)

Starts easily enough before becoming a rollercoaster ride on a rocky road. A section is closed to bikes by Parks Victoria to stop the spread of cinnamon fungus [marked on the GDTA map].

Vehicles and boots provide vectors for this south east Asian soil-borne microbe that invades and destroys the root systems of a diverse range of Australian native plants.

The precipitous descent into the narrow, usually dry Whisky Creek is the steepest on the track. Gullies, tracks and creeks in the area are named after spirits (Champagne, Vodka, Gin, and Rum) or their containers (Square Bottle). Gold-seeking was plainly mind-numbing in more ways than one.

Then a long uphill grind to the sealed road leading to the 736m high Mt Blackwood. Good views south.


Picnic ground and toilet at O’Briens Crossing – now closed to camping. The sealed Mt Blackwood Rd provides access to the track and there’s space for parking.

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