Mt Blackwood – Swans Rd car park (HARD)

Steeply down grassy single track to a 4WD track at Lohs Lane. Near Long Point Trk, you reach the gorge clifftop and a viewpoint, then descend gradually on a scrabbly red scoria track.

Rising on the Great Dividing Range, the Lerderderg River cuts a precipitous 300 metre gorge through tightly folded sandstone and slate as it wends southwards to the basalt plains.

An alternative trailhead at the gorge mouth is offered by the car park, picnic and toilet facilities at McKenzies Flat. Taking this option involves a sheer drop to the gorge floor and a 3km deviation via Link No. 1 Tk.

Evidence of the only confirmed glacial episode that effected Victoria some 300 million years ago can be seen in the scratched and polished pebbles and boulders that are embedded in the outcrops at the southern end of the gorge.


Car parking at Swans Rd. Picnic and toilet facilities at McKenzies Flat.

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