Blackwood – O’Briens Rd (HARD)

Sitting deep in a dark valley surrounded by a forest that includes blackwood trees, the township’s name appears aptly descriptive. Actually, it takes its name from an early surveyor, Captain Francis Blackwood.

At Blackwood’s gold rush peak in 1855, alluvial mining along such gullies as Nuggety, Yankee, Long and Frenchman’s supported what was described as “a rowdy settlement” of 13,000 people. Over 150km of water races were constructed around Blackwood.

This section contours along water races and features sheer drop-offs along Byres Back Track. The water race is not suitable for bikers. It’s worth making a side trip to visit the 3m high Byres Miners’ tunnel cut for 25m through a solid rock peninsula so as to drain a river meander for gold panning.

The bike diversion involves heading east out of town to pick up King St, leading south to the Old Coach Rd. This links directly into the Morning Star Trk. Check out the new GDTA Lerderderg Track map for details of this bike diversion.


Store in Blackwood with toilet and water nearby. Parking also available at the Blackwood Springs Reserve. Vehicle access at O’Briens Rd, plus picnic and toilet facilities – now closed to camping.

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