Cry Joe Walk/Ride


Vaughan Springs – Castlemaine

Vaughan Springs offers a pleasant, quiet camp site with all facilities on the banks of the Loddon River. Includes mineral springs and a unique long slide. Bikers can enter via the front entrance in Greville St, next to the Chinese cemetery.

Walkers head off along the Loddon River. Bikers power along Greville St to rejoin walkers at the ‘Three Ways’ road intersection. From here, a singletrack wends its rocky way through box forest, climbing past hilltop reservoirs, which were built to hold and give head to water for sluicing for gold.

Soon after passing red bedrock exposed by surface mining at Irishtown, you come to a 10m deep alluvial pit on what was once a river meander.

Once were three breweries in Fryerstown and a population of 15,000. There was a butcher, a blacksmith, a boot factory, 25 hotels and a lolly shop. You can still see the red brick Court House with the large old box tree to which prisoners were tied.

At Spring Gully, you are among the mullock heaps and remains of one of the most famous mines in the Castlemaine district, operating from the 1850s to 1930s. The most prominent feature is the high stone-faced loading ramp from which quartz was fed into a stamping battery for crushing.

From Jacobs Trk, take a 200m side trip up to the summit of The Monk. Good views north and wonderful wildflowers and orchids on the way up in spring/summer.

Just before you meet Dingo Park Rd, a GT-posted, Castlemaine bypass track heads due north for 3.7km to link up with the next stage, the Leanganook Track, on Forest Crk. Use this bypass if you are planning to head on towards Bendigo and want to avoid a detour into Castlemaine’s town centre.


No supplies until Castlemaine. Toilets, water and camping at Vaughan Springs; also behind the old state school in Fryerstown (Camp St).

Refer maps 21b - 24a of the Goldfields Track Walk or Ride Guide

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