Goldfields Track Guidebook, 2nd edition


Goldfields Track  Walk & Ride Guide. In its 2nd edition and still our biggest seller month after month.

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The 2nd edition of the Goldfields Track guidebook not only brings the extraordinary heritage of the region together, but also, for the first time, brings together mountain bike riders and walkers. No longer simply a walking guide, it’s now the Goldfields Track Walk or Ride Guide, providing comprehensive coverage of the longest shared use track in Victoria, stretching 210km from Buninyong to Bendigo.

The 1st edition walking guide won a community history award for its in-depth coverage of cultural heritage and reading the landscape. It was described as “a model for future guides… very impressive and superbly presented.” The GDTA, as the guidebook’s publishers, have deliberately fostered ‘a sense of place’ by sourcing the guide’s author, designer, essayists, cartographers and photographers from the goldfields region.

Chair of Goldfields Track Inc, Peter Skilbeck, highlights how the new edition has 35 totally revised full colour contour maps and track notes, with new essays from local experts.

“This new edition stands on the first edition’s shoulders and raises the bar to new heights,” says Peter Skilbeck.

Wiro bound, on quality gloss paper, it’s proven tough enough for on-track usage.

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